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Asian Development Bank Spotlights TradeWorks' Sustainable Solutions

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Continuing engagement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided TradeWorks Environmental the opportunity to learn about ADB developing member countries' needs and initiatives. Through a series of presentations and programming aimed at promoting a more secure and resilient water resource landscape in the region, TradeWorks is introducing solutions for hard-to-treat organic waste and wastewater with specialized microorganisms, screening equipment and tailored analytics.

During one of the ADB's virtual Blue Bag events on January 20, Founding Partner and CEO Meni Mancini discussed how these solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems without costly capital expenditure. The presentation highlighted how performance improvements driven by these solutions align with UN Sustainable Development Goals, support sustainability goals and reduce operating costs. Thanks to moderator, Christian Walder, ADB Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, attendees participated in a Q&A and interesting discussion following the presentation. TradeWorks looks forward to strengthening partnerships in the region and encourages interested parties to contact for more information about the company's work in Asia and the Pacific.


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