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TradeWorks is a woman-owned, cleantech solution provider headquartered in Ontario, Canada. We are a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and technologists, united in our passion and commitment to improve the health of the planet through our work. 

Since introducing the technology to North America and Asia, we have established a network of distribution partners, valued customers and technology champions across the innovation and sustainability landscape. We are well-positioned to meet circular economy and environmental imperatives with scalable solutions for clients seeking energy, performance, and cost benefits. 

Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, our solutions combine process, equipment and analytics to optimize waste and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications. We differentiate our offerings by leveraging analytical capabilities and technical expertise to tailor each solution for our clients’ needs. 

Performance improvements have been demonstrated across a wide range of global use cases, enabling customers to achieve cost savings while adopting clean technology that increases the life of treatment assets, and reduces carbon footprint.

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TradeWorks is proud to be a certified women-owned business in Canada's diverse community of female entrepreneurs. 


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TradeWorks is committed to empowering environmental stewardship and shared responsibility for future generations.

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Our technology can reduce carbon footprint, extend the life of assets and help clients achieve sustainability goals.


Our mission is to create a cleaner environment for generations to come using sustainable practices which integrate into existing processes and reduce negative treatment byproducts. We aim to avoid costly and resource-intensive infrastructure upgrades by leveraging natural processes to increase treatment capacity and optimize efficiency.

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Our vision is to leave the planet better than we found it. By empowering public and private stewards of natural resources, we will benefit many industries, municipalities, and community-owned treatment systems around the globe. We believe a positive impact in the waste and wastewater treatment industry translates to making a difference in the health of our environment.

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