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Summer Sewer Odors Got You Down?

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Higher temperatures often lead to increased odor complaints for wastewater service providers. As temperatures outside rise, the conditions for odor-causing compounds can become optimal. Specifically, odor-causing bacteria can thrive more easily in sewer collection systems and treatment plants during hot, summer weather.

Another reason sewer smells can be more noticeable in the summer is that the performance of nasal odor receptors also improves in warmer weather. When air is closer to our internal body temperature, the nose functions better. This is also why cold temperatures reduce sensitivity to odors, and these smells are less obvious during cooler months of the year.

There are many solutions in the market for dealing with odors, but TradeWorks sets itself apart by offering solutions that not only address odors and common issues in the collection system, but also provide significant benefits to the treatment plant. TradeWorks' Ydro Process® microorganisms enhance the existing microbial community's capacity to degrade organic material in wastewater collection systems. These specialized microorganisms use more efficient metabolic pathways which accelerates the biological treatment process.

As these microorganisms breakdown organic waste, they minimize the buildup of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). The sulfate reducing bacteria present in our specialized formulation of microorganisms also prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric Acid which can lead to reductions in odors, pipe corrosion and safety hazards for workers. Last but not least, the downstream wastewater treatment plant benefits from reduced organic loading and major improvements in treatment performance can be realized. Performance benefits like reduced sludge production and lower energy requirements can help to drive treatment costs down. Contact us today to learn more at


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