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Growth and Collaboration Amid the Pandemic

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Despite an unconventional business landscape in 2020 and 2021, TradeWorks remained connected to peers and customers through professional programs, collaborative research projects and technology exhibitions. The competitive development programs offered through government agencies and technology accelerators allowed the TradeWorks Team to learn from industry experts and network with prospective channel partners, investors, and customers. Cooperative research efforts continue to validate significant performance results with the company’s patented technologies, and the technology expos have led to new partnerships to improve water and waste treatment processes around the globe.

As the team reflects on the rich relationships and opportunities resulting from these engagements, the programming is summarized below to help others who may benefit from these resources.

Technology Accelerator and Government-sponsored Programs

The OneLA Inclusive Procurement Program is a regional collaboration effort aimed at supporting local and diverse businesses with mentorship, training, relationship-building and opportunity development.

A program managed by the Canadian Trade Commissioner’s Service, the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Global Business Development Program helps cleantech companies identify strategic partners, investors and new business opportunities in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator Program focuses on global innovation centers, and the Southern California program aims to align emerging solution providers with the region’s sustainability and cleantech priorities. The goal of the 6-month program is to bolster high-growth potential companies with export, investment and partnership opportunities.

This cleantech accelerator drives sustainable economic growth initiatives by supporting technology providers with mentorship, advisory, networking and their information hub which serves as a clearinghouse for relevant policies and initiatives across the sustainability landscape.

The Bluetech Incubator promotes early-stage water tech companies through access to their global network of technology clusters, companies, and industry contacts. Their approach focuses on building a holistic support network for emerging solution providers in the water space.

Technology Exhibitions

Texas Water Week Expo

In both 2020 and 2021, one of the largest regional water conferences in the US offered a virtual technology exhibition hall which featured technology providers from around the world. With a growing customer portfolio and strong distribution partnerships in Texas, TradeWorks was well positioned to share successful technology applications with attendees.

Canadian Water Innovation Roadshow: Technologies for Arizona’s Utilities

The Canadian Trade Commission sponsored an application-based water technology roadshow in early 2020, where TradeWorks was invited to present to a variety of stakeholders and prospective water utility customers in the state of Arizona.

Tokyo Agri Week

This annual tradeshow connects industry professionals, agricultural cooperatives and technology providers to develop business opportunities and promote shared learnings across Japan’s innovative agriculture industry.


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