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CleanTech Award Winner in Waste to Energy Category

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

On October 27, 2021, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association hosted the 11th annual Green Energy Doors Open event. The initiative spotlights advances in Ontario's clean energy industry, which is characterized by a diverse collective of alternative suppliers and a resulting grid that is 94 percent emissions-free.

This annual showcase celebrates energy projects and solution providers contributing to Ontario's goal of creating an energy system that relies 100% on clean, sustainable energy sources. TradeWorks Environmental was not only honored to be featured as a leading cleantech solution provider in both the province and abroad, but the company was named the CleanTech Award Winner in the Waste to Energy category.

Mr. Todd Smith, Ontario's Minister of Energy, congratulated the company in a personalized letter. "I commend you for the work of TradeWorks in optimizing organic waste and wastewater treatment," he remarked. "I thank you for your ingenuity and innovation in clean technology. Your work is helping Ontario emerge as a clean energy frontier in the global pursuit of renewable energy."

"TradeWorks Environmental is grateful for the opportunity to be recognized for the work we are so passionate about," commented Meni Mancini, TradeWorks CEO. "The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and other brave pioneers in this industry are building a more resilient and stable energy future, and we are inspired every day to be a part of it."


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