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Canadian Tech Accelerator: World Pitch

On February 23, TradeWorks Environmental is introducing the company's sustainable solutions for treating organic waste and wastewater at the World Pitch event. Organized by Global Affairs Canada and ventureLAB, the event showcases ten of the high-potential, high-growth Canadian firms supported by the competitive Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program.

CTA companies are provided with international scale-up resources to help them succeed in the cleantech, life sciences and digital technology sectors. Participation in this global business development program requires meeting performance criteria, including a proven business model, strong and experienced management team, resources to support expansion and a fully built product.

As a woman-owned cleantech solution provider aiming to grow the company's international footprint, TradeWorks has benefited from mentorship and professional networking opportunities available through CTA programming. The accelerator program has recognized TradeWorks as a company that is actively addressing environmental challenges, including nutrient pollution and negative byproducts from treatment processes, through the deployment of patented technologies like the Ydro Process® and PRIMESCREEN™. Giving organizations a low-cost and natural alternative to costly infrastructure upgrades, these solutions optimize the treatment process and target performance objectives while reducing environmental impact.

Learn more about the sustainability benefits of TradeWorks' treatment solutions at


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