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Asian Development Bank e-Marketplace Exhibitor: Water-Secure and Resilient Asia

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

On October 21, 2021, TradeWorks Environmental participated in an interactive session to highlight the company's sustainable solutions for optimizing wastewater treatment. This session was part of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) e-Marketplace for a Water-Secure and Resilient Asia and the Pacific. The marketplace brings together stakeholders from the ADB's developing member countries to learn about the latest solutions and management practices for delivering intelligent, resilient, safe and inclusive water services.

The goal of the marketplace is to promote awareness of innovative solution providers who are tackling pressing issues related to sustainable water resource management. In the Water and Sanitation Management Services category, TradeWorks was one of fourteen solution providers who virtually exhibited and presented to the diverse audience of water sector stakeholders and service providers across Asia and the Pacific. Visit the TradeWorks virtual booth for more information.


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